Logo & Stationery Design




1. Initial Consultation

The initial logo design consultation is an information-gathering exercise to enable us to gain an understanding of your company, your market, your vision for the future and the things that make your company unique.

2. Approval to commence

After considering your needs we will recommend a logo design package that best suits you. We require approval and payment of a deposit before commencement.

3. Development of drafts

At the first stage of logo development we let as many ideas loose as possible. This involves putting down multiple logo designs in varying styles and colours to achieve a broad range of possibilities from which to refine. After sorting through the logo drafts that have potential (and the ones that don’t) we choose the ones we believe best suited to your needs and present them for your consideration. The number of options we give you will depend on the logo design package you have chosen.

4. Refinement of drafts

You now have the opportunity to tell us what you like and what you don’t like about our logo design concepts. There may be aspects that appeal and may be refined further or revised to create new logo drafts. The objective is to define a direction in which to take the logo design.

5. Selection of final logo

After refining the initial logo drafts, it is now time to hone them down to one logo design. This final logo design may be selected directly from a draft, or it might incorporate aspects from several of the drafts. Now is also the time to finalise colour choices.

6. Refinement and approval of final logo

Our logo designers will now present you with a final draft for approval. At this point we aim to have to make only minor adjustments before finalisation.

7. Transfer of ownership

Upon payment we provide you with the logo in multiple file formats suitable for reproduction in print or the web in various colour formats. We hold no ongoing copyright or claim to royalties.