Website Design

Large or small, from a single page ‘brochure site’ to a comprehensive online marketplace, Graphic Media has the website design expertise to deliver a solution that fits your goals and gives you the power to update it yourself.

Our talented graphic designers are on hand to make your website look fantastic while our expert website designers
ensure end-users are delivered a reliable, user-friendly experience. Talk to us today about a website design package that suits you.




WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Shopping carts and online sales
  • Product and parts databases
  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) campaigns
  • Social media integration



1. Consultation and quotation

We like to get to know your company and your goals so that we can properly understand your web design needs. We talk about your objectives and the outcomes you hope to achieve from your website. It’s also helpful at this stage to identify existing websites that have some appeal. When we’re satisfied we have a grasp on your needs we will respond with a a website design proposal and quotation for your approval. We will ask for a deposit before proceeding.

2. Domain Name Registration and Hosting

The next step is to secure your unique website address, or ‘domain name’. This is quick and easy and can be registered through various companies. We recommend using your business name with ‘’ for Australia and ‘.com’ for worldwide. So it would read like:

Secondly, you’ll need some hosting. This means to ‘rent’ some hard drive space from a specialist internet company who makes your website available to the internet. Graphic Media can recommend a website hosting package and arrange this for you quite easily. Ask us how today.

3. Website Planning

With your specific requirements in mind we will map out a ‘site plan’ which is like a blueprint for the development of your website. It will describe the menu structure and order of pages throughout the site. It is imperative that you review and are happy with the site plan before continuing with development, as it is far easier to make changes at this stage then after the site is built.

4. Graphic Design

Our Graphic Designers can now create the ‘look and feel’ of the website using the site plan as our blueprint. We strive to be faithful to your corporate image and develop a look that suits your site’s intended purpose. You will be presented with the artwork as simple JPEG images that will have no interactivity at this stage. You are encouraged to provide feedback and make any adjustments you see necessary.

5. Supply of content

At this point we ask you to begin gathering all necessary content so that it will be ready to supply to us before the site is completed. You may choose to write content yourself, or Graphic Media can provide copy writing services. Likewise we can help with photography if needed.

If you choose to provide all content yourself please note photographs, images, text and logos must be supplied in a readily usable format so as not to incur extra cost. Microsoft Word is usually the best for text, while photographs should be supplied as JPEGs and logos as JPEG or EPS files. Table information should be supplied in Excel format. PDF files are the best for attached ‘downloadable’ files, but are difficult for us to extract information from, so please don’t supply general page content in that format.

6. Website Development

With approval of the artwork, we now begin the development of the website and physical construction of the pages. This is ‘behind the scenes’ work that won’t mean much to you until the site is ready to go ‘live’.

7. Review of ‘Live’ Website

Once the site is constructed a draft version will be made available to you online (but not viewable by the public). You will have the opportunity to critique the site and make any final adjustments to the content and functionality.

8. Final approval and upload

Upon final approval we will upload the site to your designated Domain Name address. The website will now be available to the public. And yes we provide you total access as it is now ‘yours’ and not ‘ours’.